VWAP Strategy — How To Use VWAP

VWAP was first used in 1984 by a trader at Abel Noser, a Wall Street trading firm. 
It’s since become a core part of many trading strategies.

VWAP indicator is one of the underestimated indicators, moreover, traders confuse it with moving averages or ” moving” indicators. It is easy to learn and easy to integrate into a trading strategy.

Abbreviation of the indicator Volume-Weighted Average Price – weighted average price including trading volume. Institutional traders and investors have been using it since 1984.
Proven over time, the indicator has been noticed by HFT companies and now in 70% of high-frequency algorithms VWAP indicator is used.

  • Detection of intraday trend and its changes
  • Positioning
  • Determination of a profitable buy/sell price
  • Potential support/resistance price ranges
  • Trading support

More information on the features and use of the VWAP indicator you can get from the video training. We recommend you to start VolFix platform before you start watching it, so you can follow the instructions of the indicator setting step by step. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below the video.

In the VolFix platform, the VWAP indicator is available to all clients.

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