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    Black Friday 2022. The long-awaited sale of the year!

    Dear traders, we prepared for you the long-awaited sale of the year!   Use the promo code: fridaypractice to get 30% discount on every Practice Session purchase or extend your current Recruitment program (works both for Practice and Qualifying Session accounts). And the promo code: fridayrestart let you get 15% off on every Restart of Practice or Qualifying Sessions.   Please enter promo codes in lower case.   Buy or extend your Recruitment program at any time from today to 23:59 UTC 30.11.2022 (00:59 CET 01.12.2022). All account sizes included. Please note that you can use the promo codes several times. Also, we’d like to remind you that the Practice Session Start day can be moved…

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    EURO – trade and risk

    EURO – trade and risk ”Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” Warren Buffet” Like darkness without light, good without evil, profit would not be such a sweet goal if there was no risk of making a loss. Depending on the structure of the trade and all of its components, there are different approaches and strategies to amortize or minimize risk. But it is impossible to exclude risk completely from the calculation formula, because the rules of speculation at the stock exchange are built around financial flows, where money flows from a loser to a winner. Volume analysis can also be used as a tool to reduce risk. By…

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    FGBL – let’s see how bulls work

    ”Who owns the information, owns the world” Nathan Rothschild How do big market players operate, where do they buy and when and where do they sell? Almost all traders have asked themselves this question. I am no exception. In front of you is a chart of the FGBL, which shows circles in green and red. The colour marking indicates to which type of market participant “bull” or “bear” belongs the volume trade – more than 300 contracts. Point 1 Note that on November 14 the maximum of the European session was insurmountable for the buyers. But after the correction, the big “bull” takes control of the situation. And as soon…

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    In the US, the clocks have been set back 1 hour

    Due to the transition of the US to wintertime, the CME trading times have changed for countries that have had a wintertime change or that do not have a winter time change. Please always use the time indicated in the VolFix platform for the instrument of your choice. VolFix shows the current time for the instrument according to which the risk control system is evaluated. You can always check the permitted instruments and their trading schedules in our help center. Time in different time zones

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    Liberty Market Investment ltd (LMI) gibt die Beendigung des Partnerschafts mit Herrn Marcus Schulz und dem Unternehmen Volume Trader bekannt. Seit August 2022 verstößt Volume Ttader systematisch gegen die Bedingungen des Partnerschaftsvertrags, ohne dass es von Volume Trader eine Mitteilung oder Erklärung gibt. In diesem Zusammenhang teilen wir Ihnen mit, dass der Partnerschaftsvertrag mit Herrn Marcus Schulz und Volume Trader zum 1. Oktober 2022 auf der Grundlage der Klausel „Termination of cooperation“ im Partnerschaftsvertrag https://lmitrade.com/affiliate_program_terms beendet wurde. Pressedienst LMI