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    New Safety Measure for Funded Accounts!

      Throughout our journey together, we have continually looked for ways to enable each of you to reach your potential. With that in mind, we are introducing a protective measure that we believe will pave the way for even greater success. Every champion has moments of vulnerability. In the intense arena of trading, emotions may take over. We impose a daily loss limit not as a safety net to catch those rare moments when things may not go according to plan. If a violation of the daily loss limit occurs, your account will be temporarily suspended, but it will be available for trading the very next day. This rule is…

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    Lowering the cost of restarts and learning from mistakes!

    Big news for our trading community! Today we are pleased to announce that we are making the account restart process even more accessible. It’s important to emphasize that we understand the value of learning through mistakes. Not only is it normal, but it is an essential part of the trading journey. Restart fees will now vary based on your account size, making it easy for you to correct rule violations and continue learning without unnecessary pressure. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes – this is a chance to get better. We’re here to support you every step of the way on your journey to financial freedom. So start trading with…

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    Exciting News! Improved Trading Conditions and Restart Discounts

    Dear traders, We are pleased to announce updates to evaluation programs and improved conditions for our traders.     We have changed the structure of our evaluation programs to better support your growth and profitability. From now on, we have removed the scaling plan from the Qualifying Pro (1-stage program). In addition, we understand the importance of time efficiency and the desire to progress quickly. We have reduced the minimum number of days required to complete the Qualifying Session (2-stage program) and Qualifying Pro (1-stage program) stages to 7 days, making it easier and quicker for you to progress to the Funded Session Account stage. This means you can now demonstrate…

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    Daily loss limit is abolished

      Dear traders, As of today, the daily loss limit has been completely abolished on all evaluation programs, as well as on Funded Session Accounts, and has no retroactive effect.. The change affects all accounts, including current accounts. You can see all the current rules at Trade Report Module that you need to comply with in order to successfully finish the evaluation program. Recent changes: Now positions are automatically closed at the end of the trading session without breaking the rules at all stages of the evaluation program, including the Funded session*. *Except for tickers ‘HE’, ‘LE’, ‘ZC’, ‘ZW’, ‘ZS’, ‘ZM’, ‘ZL’, and trading during holidays. Please click here to…

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    Automatic closure of positions

    Dear traders, Now positions are automatically closed at the end of the trading session (exceptions are indicated below) without breaking the rules at all stages of the evaluation program, including the Funded session. You can find out which instruments are available for trading and check the permitted trading hours in our help center article. US Futures: Positions are automatically closed without breaking the rules before the end of the regular trading session. *Exceptions for US Futures: 1. Positions on instruments ‘HE’, ‘LE’, ‘ZC’, ‘ZW’, ‘ZS’, ‘ZM’, ‘ZL’ must be closed by the trader independently, in accordance with the trading schedule of the indicated instruments 10 minutes before the end of…

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    Important changes to the evaluation programmes. The conditions are better now!

    Dear traders, We are pleased to announce updates to evaluation programmes and improved conditions for Funded Session traders. Let’s start with the most important thing, now each trader can have up to 3 Funded Session Accounts at the same time. The Re-qualifying process has been simplified. Now before a rule violation occurs during a Funded Session, the trader can request re-qualifying and there will always be a transition to Qualifying or Qualifying Pro Account depending on the type of account that has been passed. A new trading instrument has been added: Euro-Schatz (FGBS), commission €0.56. It is only available for European traders. To see all available instruments for trading, please follow this link. We also remind you of earlier changes…

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    Two Week Christmas Sale!

    LIBERTY MARKET INVESTMENT Buy now the Practice Session or Qualifying Pro account and set the start date aside to 30 days. 30% discount for every account start and account extension Start a Practice or Qualifying Pro Session Account extension   CHRISTMASTIME This is a multi-use promo code 15% discount code for your account restart: Practice Session Qualifying Session Qualifying Pro Session   CHRISTMASRESTART This is a multi-use promo code Full access to the Volfix Platform is included with Practice and Qualifying Session as well as during the Qualifying Pro Session.    BUY A NEW ACCOUNT Our Christmas Sale is on until 23:59 UTC Dec 31! (00:59 CET Jan 1, 2022)…

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    New evaluation program Qualifying Pro

    LMI is launching a new one-stage evaluation program Qualifying Pro!  This program will complement the existing 2-step evaluation program and give traders the opportunity to select an appropriate trading strategy.  While the main 2-Step Evaluation Program tests a trader’s ability to make profit in the first step, and control risk in the second step, Qualifying Pro shows the trader’s ability to trade, reaching their profit target in increments, gradually increasing their account balance, and at the same time being mindful of controlling their losses. Only $50,000, $100,000 and $150,000 accounts are available for Qualifying Pro. Regardless of which program you choose, the profit split is 90/10, where 90% is for…

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    Black Friday 2022. The long-awaited sale of the year!

    Dear traders, we prepared for you the long-awaited sale of the year!   Use the promo code: fridaypractice to get 30% discount on every Practice Session purchase or extend your current Recruitment program (works both for Practice and Qualifying Session accounts). And the promo code: fridayrestart let you get 15% off on every Restart of Practice or Qualifying Sessions.   Please enter promo codes in lower case.   Buy or extend your Recruitment program at any time from today to 23:59 UTC 30.11.2022 (00:59 CET 01.12.2022). All account sizes included. Please note that you can use the promo codes several times. Also, we’d like to remind you that the Practice Session Start day can be moved…

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    In the US, the clocks have been set back 1 hour

    Due to the transition of the US to wintertime, the CME trading times have changed for countries that have had a wintertime change or that do not have a winter time change. Please always use the time indicated in the VolFix platform for the instrument of your choice. VolFix shows the current time for the instrument according to which the risk control system is evaluated. You can always check the permitted instruments and their trading schedules in our help center. Time in different time zones