FGBL – let’s see how bulls work

”Who owns the information, owns the world” Nathan Rothschild

How do big market players operate, where do they buy and when and where do they sell? Almost all traders have asked themselves this question. I am no exception.

In front of you is a chart of the FGBL, which shows circles in green and red. The colour marking indicates to which type of market participant “bull” or “bear” belongs the volume trade – more than 300 contracts.

Point 1
Note that on November 14 the maximum of the European session was insurmountable for the buyers. But after the correction, the big “bull” takes control of the situation. And as soon as he makes a deal – the price has no problem updating the high at 139.

Point 2
Here I want to draw your attention to the amount of large purchases. But the most important thing is that the large player makes them not at the low of the trading day, but almost at the highs. This is obvious, because where else can you get a huge amount of counter orders (sales).
After all, sell higher – buy lower is embedded in the mind of any trader.
The arrow tells us that as soon as the price returned to the price of the first purchase – the big player will not miss the chance to buy again at a cheaper price that day. The price rose to the highs of the day.

Points 3 and 4
I hope you noticed that the scenario is very similar. I would even say it is the same M.O. and it happens the very next day.
There are two conclusions:

  1. The big players are hard workers
  2. They make sure that the price does not fall below the average price of all the purchases.

The end of the trading day is identical to the end of the first day.

Point 5
Here you can see who is pushing the price higher after this week’s high was broken. Yes my friends, these are the big trades of the very “bulls” we are spying on today.

Point 6.
These are not the first, but obvious buying fixes. Seems like an ordinary price movement within a trading week, but if you calculate how much profit a big player made from at least one deal of 300 contracts, you will definitely want to know more about it all.

Author / trader Mikhail Lemach

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