Unlimited Black Friday promo codes

Get your special 15% promo code: lmiblackfriday on every Practice or Qualifying Session purchase. Buy or extend your Recruitment program at any time from today to 30.11.2019. All account sizes included.

Account Size Subscription cost with a discount
$10,000 $60
$30,000 $119
$50,000 $132
$100,000 $255
$150,000 $298

The subscription cost is the same for both Practice and Qualifying Sessions.


For a Restart, use promo code: blackfrireset and get a 15% discount. This promo code can be used to Restart any Practice or Qualifying Session.

Practice Restart cost Qualifying Restart cost
$10,000 $34 $10,000 $51
$30,000 $85 $30,000 $102
$50,000 $85 $50,000 $102
$100,000 $85 $100,000 $102
$150,000 $85 $150,000 $102

Learn more about how you can use your promo code and get a discount when you buy or Restart your Recruitment Program. Look at our help center article.

* The promo codes are valid until 30.11.2019 and are reusable.



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