EURO – iceberg order

A few days ago (31.01) after the opening of the European stock markets, at the local low, there was a level where the big guys were trading with Iceberg-orders. I immediately used this opportunity to make a buy trade, which is still accompanying at the moment.

Tick Chart level 1.084

Note the ticks at this price. The imbalance filter is highlighted in green and the values in these ticks are total volume. And the buyer/seller delta in each tick is on the buyer’s side.

A large order – sell limit was already seen at 02:40. It’s not hard to spot – look closely, the buyers couldn’t even push the price higher by a tick. And there was a pending order of 120 contracts.

At 02:46, the situation was repeated. Then it was decided to place limit buy orders with the total volume of 6 contracts.

In the slide above on the left, the bar chart and custom market profile show a total transaction volume of 1841 contracts and a buyer-seller imbalance of 1405. The very high percentage of buyers out of the total volume confirms once again the right decision regarding my purchase.

Then it was a matter of technique and importantly – effective management of the position.

2200 $ – fix profit
4425 $ – floating profit
Out of 6 contracts 2 are still working

Author / trader Mikhail Lemach
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