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Important changes to the evaluation programmes. The conditions are better now!

Dear traders,
We are pleased to announce updates to evaluation programmes and improved conditions for Funded Session traders.

  1. Let’s start with the most important thing, now each trader can have up to 3 Funded Session Accounts at the same time.
  2. The Re-qualifying process has been simplified. Now before a rule violation occurs during a Funded Session, the trader can request re-qualifying and there will always be a transition to Qualifying or Qualifying Pro Account depending on the type of account that has been passed.
  3. A new trading instrument has been added: Euro-Schatz (FGBS), commission €0.56. It is only available for European traders. To see all available instruments for trading, please follow this link.
We also remind you of earlier changes to the rules:
  • We have introduced a new evaluation programme – Qualifying Pro. It is a one-step program, after successful completion of which the trader receives a Funded Session Account. Qualifying Pro is different in that it is aimed at practicing and teaching the trader to consistently make small profits (Consistency Rule), gradually increasing the total profit in the account.

  • We increased the profit split by 10%. Now it is 90/10. You still get 100% on all withdrawals up to a total of $8000 and after that the profit split is 90/10, with 90% going to the trader

  • We have removed the rule about not trading during important economic events during the Qualifying step of the Recruitment Program. You can see all the rules for the Qualifying step here.

If you have any questions, please write them to our Support Team by support@lmitrade.com.

Your LMI Team

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