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The impact of OPEC and its oil production quotas is a great tool to regulate demand/supply. Those traders who have not yet experienced the GAP price after the weekend in the market and how much plans can change because of it – have been able to learn a lesson, regardless of the outcome of their trades they left for the weekend.

The first slide shows the CLUSTER\PROFILE CHART on 28/03-04/04 TF M1.
BIG TRADES – large trade filters – highlight large buys in green and sales in red.

Group 5 – a large buyer during the trading session confidently opened purchases with each new fall in price.

Group 2 – the impulse of the price from the opening to the highs of the previous day should be noted here.
And as soon as the price was at the maximum – the activity of the buyer increased. The support range was slightly touched the next day, as soon as the U.S. market opened, and then the growth continued.

Group 3 – large purchases are made only at the highs of the trading session, the session closes on the highs.

Point 1 – this circle stands out with a larger radius. The larger the BIG TRADE – the larger the radius of the filter, which allows you to immediately pay attention to this price.

Histogram below shows how much larger the deal volume is compared to other BIG TRADES that were concluded that day.

1804 contracts at 80.10 in one tick. On the second slide, you can examine the minute cluster on your own when the trade was made.

You might not use or are skeptical about the usefulness of volumetric analysis for market analysis, but when you trade and the platform signals to your phone, push notification or PC that a trade like this has occurred in the market, you know exactly how to use this information.

If you’ve read my article up to this point – chances are, you’ve really got into the information and studied the slides in detail. You have a good set of qualities, which will help you to master the profession of a trader.

And if you paid attention to the date and time when a large buy at 80.10 was made – and you felt doubts or decided it was a mistake.
It is not a mistake – April 02, 2023 is Sunday indeed, though stock exchanges will open on Monday morning, there are those who can open deals on Sunday afternoon.

VolFix Company / author & trader: Mikhail Lemah

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