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Light Sweet Crude Oil  13.03-19.05.2023  

The VolFix platform offers a trading rating service for traders who have given public access to real-time information about their trades in simulated accounts (paper-accounts).
The modern investor will study the statement and monitor the trader’s trades before making capital available for trust management.

On slide #1 the table on the left shows the ratings of traders for the period 13/03-19/05/23 who trade on the NYMEX.

There are a total of 100 traders in the NYMEX ranking for this period.
41 of 100 traders – positive returns (P/L% greater than 0).
8 traders – profit above 10000$.

Winning Traders 45
Losing Traders 55
P/L more 5%


As you can see, the statistics of oil traders who use volume analysis tools are much better than the generally accepted statistics.
This ranking is based on Total P/L% data. Someone prefers to form a list based on Total P/L data.

Having chosen a trader you are interested in, by clicking with your mouse, a chart will be opened where transactions are plotted, i.e:

  • entry point displaying the number of contracts/shares
  • intermediate commitments
  • in real time, you can see when a stop-loss is triggered or when a profit is taken
  • profitability for the current trade

You should not be focused only on profit in the cache, before choosing a trader for trust management. It is worth examining the trading strategy, the risks the trader assumes, and how consistently he trades and supports the trade.

In the slide below you can see the trades of 4 traders that I selected according to these criteria. Surprisingly, they are not in the top 10.

In the slide above left – the trader chose a good moment to open the sale and held it for just under 2 hours. Technically, gently accompanying the trade, he fixed the fall in price CL from 74.4 to 72.5.

The trader on the right worked cleanly, taking the drop in price from 81 to 74. Fixing the profit in stages. The trade was held until the end of the trend. Existence of a strategy to identify reversal patterns.

On the left below the trader using a short stop. made 2 profitable, though short trades. There is a pause of several hours between trades – traced the entry point of his strategy.

Right deal of the trader with small risk, using strategy of step-by-step fixing at local extremums.

After having studied trades of traders with positive P\L%, considering the number of trades and what % of them are profitable – I chose U5715604 as the winner in the “Excellent Technique” category.
On the first slide you can see his trade to the right of the rating table.
In the category “Working hard” – the winner is trader Speedy.

Last slide from the comparison chart:

  • total p|l% to number of trades – confirms that it’s not quantity but quality that matters
  • losing / winning trades – shows that % of losing trades to profitable ones increases sharply with the number of trades

You can examine the ranking table and research charts by following this link.

Traders Rating available to all VolFix clients.

Author: Mikhail Lemah 2023

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