Jan 22nd LMI is holding its first day Trading Contest in 2020!

Dear traders,

We’ll be doing our first Trading Contest in 2020 this Wednesday, January 22nd! You will get full access to the VolFix platform and mobile app. You need to register to take part in the Contest.

Registration will be open on January 22nd, at 00-00 UTC (21 Jan 06:00 pm CST) and will end at 14:29 UTC (08:29 am CST) the same day.

The Contest itself will start at 14:30 UTC (08:30 am CST) and finish at 18:59 UTC(12:59 pm CST). Here are the contest rules:

  1. You will be trading a  $ 50,000 Practice Session account.
  2. There is no profit target.
  3. Maximum drawdown $ 1,000.
  4. Permitted products are American futures.
  5. You can trade during the news releases
  6. You can make any trades as possible
  7. By 18:59 UTC, all trades must be closed

    * Please note that if you do not close all your trades by 18:59 UTC(12:59 pm CST), they will be automatically closed at 19.00 UTC(01:00 pm CST). You will, therefore, violate the Contest rule (trading outside permitted time) and will not be eligible to claim a prize. 

Now to the sweetest part – Contest prizes!

1st place (highest profit among all participles without violating any Contest rules): a free $ 50,000 Practice Session 

2nd place: a free $ 30,000 Practice Session 

3rd place: a free $ 10,000 Practice Session 

* Those who adhere to Contest rules and don’t win any of those prizes, will still be eligible for a 25% discount on any  10-50k Practice Session.

We wish you successful trading!

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