3 upcoming daytime Contests. Terms and registration

Dear traders, we are announcing as many as 3 free day Contests, which will be held next week, on March 30, April 1 and April 3. * To participate in Contests, pre-registration is required. 

For each of these afternoon Contests, a full day of Volfix platform use will be granted. However, in order to make this possible, Registration will open on the day of the Contest.

The first Contest is scheduled for Monday, March 30th. Registration  will open on March 30 at 00:00 UTC (March 29 at 07:00 p.m. Chicago time; 02:00 CEST) and will continue until 07:59 UTC (02:59 a.m. Chicago time; 09:59 CEST). An email with a link to the beginning of registration will be automatically sent on March 30 at 00:00 UTC (March 29 at 07:00 p.m. Chicago time; 02:00 CEST).

Registration will be opened on March 30.

* Attention: the registration time has been reduced so that Contest participants can trade during the most liquid hours.   

Contest Trading Conditions: You will be trading a $ 50,000 Practice Session Account without a set profit target. You will be able to trade a maximum of 5 lots at the same time.

The Contest will begin at 08:00 UTC (03:00 am Chicago; 10:00 CEST) and run until 20:10 UTC. (03:10 pm Chicago; 22:10 CEST).

Prizes for all Contests in the Marathon are (for those who have not violated the Contest rules and earned the greatest profit) :

1st place: $ 50,000 Practice Session
2nd place: promotional code for a 60% discount
3 place: promotional code for a 40% discount
4-10 place: promotional code for a 25% discount


LMI team

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