Upcoming August Contest. Terms and registration.

Dear traders, we are announcing an upcoming trading contest. To participate in Contest, pre-registration is required

The Contest is scheduled for Monday, Aug 10th. Registration is opened and will continue until 21:59 UTC Sunday, Aug 9 (04:59 pm Chicago; 23:59 CEST). 

The Contest will begin at 22:00 UTC. (05:00 pm Chicago; 00:00 CEST on Aug 10) and run until  20:10 UTC Aug 14 (03:10 pm Chicago; 22:10 CEST).

Contest Trading Conditions:

  1. You will be trading a $ 50,000 Qualifying Session Account
  2. Profit target: $1,400
  3. Daily loss limit: $1,000
  4. Max. trailing drawdown: $2,000
  5. Do not hold positions into major economic releases
  6. Follow the Scaling Plan

Use the button while registration is open to participating.


Prizes for Contest (for those who have not violated the Contest rules and earned the greatest profit) :

1st place: $ 50,000 Practice Session
2nd place: promotional code for a 60% discount
3 place: promotional code for a 40% discount
4-10 place: promotional code for a 25% discount


LMI team

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