Upcoming Day Contest. Terms and registration.

Dear traders,
we are announcing an upcoming trading contest. To participate in Contest, pre-registration is required. Registration will begin 8 hours before the start of the competition.

The Contest
is scheduled for Friday, July 2nd. Registration will be opened at 00:00 UTC (02:00 CEST; 19:00 Chicago Time 1st of July) and will continue until 07:59 UTC (09:59 CEST; 02:59 Chicago Time).

The Contest will begin on Friday, July 2nd at 08:00 UTC (10:00 CEST; 03:00 Chicago Time) and run until 08:50 pm UTC on July 2nd (22:50 CEST; 03:50 pm Chicago).

The end time of the contest has been extended to 3:50 pm Chicago time due to a change in the allowed trading times.

Registration letter will be sent at 00:00 UTC (02:00 CEST; 07:00 pm Chicago Time 1st of July).


Contest Trading Conditions: Prizes for Contest (for those who have not violated the Contest rules and earned the greatest profit) :
  1. You will be trading a $ 50,000 Practice Session Account
  2. You have no Profit target. Your account balance should be positive by the end of the tournament
  3. Daily loss limit: $1,000
  4. Max. trailing drawdown: $2,000
  5. You are able to trade a maximum of 5 lots at the same time
1st place: $ 50,000 Practice Session
2nd place: promotional code for a 60% discount
3 place: promotional code for a 30% discount
4-10 place: promotional code for a 25% discount
*Promotional codes will be active for a week.

Use the button while registration is open to participating.

On the day of the tournament, all participants will receive the full functionality of the VolFix platform.

LMI team

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