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Discount Week and a New Change for All Accounts

Dear traders,

Get your special 25% promo code on every Practice or Qualifying Session purchase. Buy or extend your Recruitment program at any time this week. All account sizes included.

Your promo code is: autumndiscount

For a Restart, use promo code: autumnrestart and get a 15% discount!

This promo code can be used to Restart any Practice or Qualifying Session.

*Promo codes are valid until Oct 16 23:59 UTC.

Help center articles:


Starting from today the minimum stop on bracket orders is two ticks. We added this as a rule because in real accounts it is uncommon to have 1 tick stop to work. The rule applies to all accounts and all stages of LMI recruitment program.

What does it mean? If you set a bracket order with 1 tick stop it will be automatically changed to 2 ticks. Bracket orders with stop more than 2 ticks will not be touched.



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