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Upcoming webinar – trade analysis with Vladimir Bazhenov

Dear traders,

We invite you to attend an online webinar in which the trades of our traders will be analysed.
The webinar will be held this Monday, December 19 at 19:30 CET on the LMI YouTube channel.

The webinar host, Vladimir Bazhenov, will analyse the market situation at the time of the trades and explain how he would make a decision to enter a trade based on his trading experience and professional understanding and use of the VolFix platform functions to analyse the market situation.

You have the opportunity to take screenshots of your trades and send them to us via this form for your trades to be analysed live. We also encourage you to send in your trades for review, even if you cannot be on the live feed, in order to get trading advice when you watch the recorded video.



Please come to the webinar, have your trades and questions ready for Vladimir Bazhenov, let’s have a good evening!


Your LMI Team

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