Euro – calm before the storm

price histogram : total volume & delta
tf histogram : total volume & delta

The first week of the March contract formed a common type of week – a flat.
This type is easy to identify, the volume cores of each trading day are on the same price range. Pay attention to the volume filter cells by price, which are highlighted in blue.

The total of these volumes forms the current core of volume trades for the week – this range is marked in blue on the scale and signed. This range should be used as a starting point for calculating trading activity for subsequent days. If the price is pushed above this range, then buying activity prevails. If the price is pushed below the core of the week, that means that the sellers are in control of the price at the moment.

Support and resistance ranges are marked and signed on the slide. They should be taken into account as reference points for calculating the trading scenario and as potential targeting points when you already have an open trade.

Author / trader Mikhail Lemach

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