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DAX index – YTD


DAX Index – volume analysis 15.02.2022 to the current day.
I am now considering this particular futures contract as there is a possibility that the index is preparing to make a new high.
Why not use such an opportunity.

On slide №1 – the index quote has not only returned to its yearly highs, but is successfully expanding the range further.

If we look at the total volume and the imbalance of each day of the last month, we can conclude that there is still room for a new high. In addition, the barometer of German economy is holding the price on the highs with a great deal of confidence, and the seller is not able to take the control yet.

Considering the fact that the prices can be bought at such highs, in addition, the external geo-political information background is convincing many that the situation will not get any better. at least for the next few quarters.

15000 – 15250 is one of the key volume arrays, which will soon be taken into consideration as a support level. In addition to volume data and buyer/seller imbalances, it would be more reliable to analyse the price development of the stocks which are included in this index.

Now take a look at the two slides of the DAX stock index heat map.
It is better to look at at least quarterly data like this, but it was important to me how the stock has behaved in the last 4 weeks specifically.
And I do not have the goal of investing in the index for the long term.

Both cards show information on the shares of the DAX index for the month. But the weighting of the index is different:

  • Market Cap
  • Number of Employments

If you do not have the time to dive into the comparison process – I will say in advance that the economic situation is +/- positive in both indexes.

And for those who are interested in the catch of these two charts, it is a question for consideration.
If the task is to evaluate objectively the economy of the country by the heat map of shares that are included in the main index which parameter of gradation of these two will be more objective?

  • Market Cap
  • Number of Employments

I will read and comment on your answers with arguments.
Thank you for your consideration.

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author & trader: Mikhail Lemah


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