The eur/usd pair is familiar to the average trader.
An overview of current volume support and resistance levels.
Many of you who send questions to my email ask about the software I use to analyse market activity and trade.

This is my mistake, we will correct it now. I should have introduced you to the program much earlier. This is a complete platform for technical and volumetric analysis of all available stock exchanges.
The VolFix platform is excellent at all stages of trading:

  • Premarket
  • Open Market
  • Research
  • Search
  • Trading
  • Postmarket

The slide above marks all the levels required. A little about what is involved in the arsenal.
To determine the most volume imbalance buyer-seller – Volume / Delta total by bar. For prices the same market slice from the chart to the left of the histogram.
To help you understand what’s what on the chart – just below all the tools for analysis appear on the chart.

On the market. Obviously in Asia the banks were buying the futures and even before the opening of the euro the price went to 3 units, let’s try to take corrective phases as a buy.

Be careful – it might still bleed to 1.1 and this is
quite normal for the most popular CME instrument.

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