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Changes in the Trading Conditions of the 2-step Evaluation Program

Dear traders,

We would like to announce changes in trading conditions for participants of the two-stage evaluation program purchased after 28 January. If you are trading on a Practice Session and receive the next stage of the Qualifying Session after January 28, these changes will not apply to you.

Within the Practice and Qualifying stages, we are introducing a Daily Loss Limit. Previously, you could lower your account balance to negative values, which often resulted in premature account loss.

Now, with the introduction of the Daily Loss Limit, if you reach a loss equal to the set limit, your account will be temporarily blocked until the next day.

This change will give you the opportunity to take a break, rethink your strategy and come back to trading with new energy.

We are confident that this new support measure will help you to become a more successful trader by preventing early account loss and leaving the evaluation program.

In addition, from this day forward, the profit target for the Practice and Qualifying stages will be the same as for the Qualifying Pro program. You can see the new profit targets at the link.

We wish you good luck in trading and thank you for your ambition for constant progress!

Your LMI Team

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