Discount Week and New Course: First Steps in Trading

Dear traders,

We are delighted to tell you that from January 22 to 28, you can start any evaluation program or extend your existing subscription with a 40% discount!

Immerse yourself in real markets without fear of taking personal risk.

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The code can be used an unlimited number of times before the end of the promo offer.
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Dear traders, VolFix team has prepared a short course for new traders or those who would like to learn more about trading. We would like to ask you to share this course with your friends who want to make trading an essential part of their lives.

Please share with us what you think about it and have a great start to the week!

First Steps in Trading: Basics for Beginners

Our 3-part guide includes:

  • First Steps in Trading” – a dive into the basics of the trading platform, where you’ll learn how to use key tools and settings to trade effectively.
  • Customising VolFix Charts: displaying information on volumes and key levels” – a detailed overview of how to tailor charts to your personal preferences, including volume and key level information to help you read the market better.
  • A Strategy for Successful Trading: Fundamentals of Trading” – An exploration of basic strategies including pre-market analysis, market opening dynamics, money management and risk management to help you make informed trading decisions.

Each step of this course is designed to strengthen your understanding of the market and develop the skills you need to trade successfully. Join us to start your journey in the world of trading with confidence and knowledge!

Your LMI Team

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