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Exclusive 20% Discount on Resets and Improved Conditions for Funded Traders!

Dear Traders,

In response to your recent feedback, we are excited to introduce a 20% discount on resets for any account size. This discount will be applied automatically to all resets purchased until June 2nd, no promo code needed.

Additionally, we are committed to helping our funded session traders stay longer on their funded session accounts and achieve greater earnings. To support this, we are making adjustments to the withdrawal conditions from funded session accounts.

These changes are designed to promote more stable trading and have a positive impact on the majority of our funded session traders. Our goal is to reduce the need for traders to repurchase evaluation programs and re-qualify for funded session accounts, allowing you to focus on trading and withdrawals with ease.

We are also working to speed up the connection process for funded session accounts based on your feedback.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership.

Best regards,

LMI Team

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