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    Zero Risk, All Reward: Prop Trading Area

    Hone Skills Without Touching Your Capital Chart Your Path with Flexible Account Sizes With our demo account, experiment, learn, and grow without the shadow of financial loss, ensuring every decision is clear‑cut and bold. From $10K to $150K accounts, grow your experience and soon we’ll advise you on how to find a balance between time and income. Optimize Every Second, Reap The Benefits Master The Details Without Real Risks In trading, time isn’t just money; it’s knowledge. Go deep, explore strategies, study market shifts and enhance your trading with our evaluation programs! Immerse yourself in our demo environment, mirroring real market. Learn the fundamentals and nuances of futures trading to…

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    In the US, the clocks have been set back 1 hour

    Due to the transition of the US to wintertime, the CME trading times have changed for countries that have had a wintertime change or that do not have a winter time change. Please always use the time indicated in the VolFix platform for the instrument of your choice. VolFix shows the current time for the instrument according to which the risk control system is evaluated. You can always check the permitted instruments and their trading schedules in our help center. Time in different time zones

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    How much time does it take to have consistently positive trading results?

    In 2005, the Applied Cognitive Psychology journal presented the results of a study of variables that predict the skill levels of chess players. It turned out that the most powerful factor in skill is time. High-level chess players spent five times as long as intermediate-level chess players. Swedish psychologist Anders Eriksson has identified the “10,000 hour rule”. Ericsson has done research among music professionals. He divided them into three groups – stars, professionals and amateurs. He then conducted a survey among them asking the participants how much time they spent training. Almost all of them started to create music when they were kids. But over the years, the time each…