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FDAX margin requirements

When trading FDAX with LMI, you have to keep in mind how we calculate the buy power for the products allowed to trade. For any product except FDAX, the margin requirement is $10,000 per 1 lot traded. However, for FDAX, the margin requirement is $ 25,000 per one lot traded. Therefore, the buy power for FDAX is always 2.5 lower than for any other product available for trading. That has to be considered when you look at the scaling plan for both the Qualifying and Funded session.

E.g. if the scaling plan says you can start trading 3 lots on your account, it means that we allow you to use $30K margin for starters (enough to open 3 lots of ES, or CL, or 6E, or any other product). On the other hand, that $30K will only be enough to open 1 FDAX lot (as you will need $25K margin per each FDAX lot). Therefore, FDAX margin requirement is 2.5 times higher than margin required to trade any other product. As you build your profit, you will be able to scale your FDAX positions, following the scaling plan, as long as your account size will allow $25K per each lot of FDAX.

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